Møns Klint long walk

Last summer, I went for the most beautiful and wonderful walk with a friend – 21 kilometres along the Danish coast. The sun was shining, we were completely alone most of the time, and we felt very much in awe of our surroundings and lucky to be there. We walked from Liselund Castle on the island of Møn, which lies to the south of Zealand, along the Møns Klint chalk cliffs, and ended up in the small harbour town of Klintholm. We took nothing with us but water and a few snacks. We had a lunch break at the Møns Klint visitor centre, where we bought a delicious salad in the restaurant. Towards the end of the afternoon, when we arrived at Klintholm harbour, we went straight to Restaurant Klintholm and its sunlit, warm terrace on the waterfront, where we shared a chilled bottle of white wine. Our intention was to hike back to Liselund Castle (about nine kilometres), where we had parked the car, but after a long break in the sun and a whole bottle of wine, we ended up taking a taxi. We convinced ourselves that we hadn’t gone there to prove anything. Ha-ha – I love it when you can twist things to suit your purposes.

The cliffs of Møns Klint are seven kilometres long and rise up to 128 metres, stretching from Liselund Castle in the north to the Møn lighthouse in the south. Usually, you can follow the cliffs on foot their entire length along the shoreline, although landslides occasionally create natural obstacles. Møns Klint is made up of chalk deposits which were formed at the end of the Cretaceous period approx. 75 million years ago.

Liselund Castle is a romantic little castle in stunning surroundings. Among other things, it boasts the Chinese Tea Pavilion and the Norwegian Hut (where Hans Christian Andersen wrote one of his many fairy tales). It’s the perfect place to overnight before starting off on a good hike.



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