Faroe Island weekend

Scandinavians have always enjoyed nature as a kind of democratic luxury available to everyone, and this is also true of the Faroese! The Faroe Islands are just perfect for hiking: soft grassy hills, sharp barren rocks, the sea, the sky and always this wonderful light that makes everything a little magical, whether it’s sunny or raining. I went on a weekend trip with my Faroese friend and our sons, and we did the most fascinating one-day hikes during our stay in Tórshavn. You need to book your hotel well in advance, because more and more people are finding their way to  these beautiful North Atlantic islands.

We took the ferry from Tórshavn to the central Faroese island of Nólsoy, which has stunning views and great hiking routes. After a long walk, we visited the Nólsoy share house and its small café, Gimburlombini – a cosy small red building on the harbourfront. Barbara and Tjóðhild run the café together with friends and family. They serve breakfast, lunch, coffee, cakes, wine and drinks as well as hosting dinner parties, and they also have a sauna down at the harbour – don’t miss it! Gimburlombini won the Nordic Food Awards EMBLA for the best Nordic-food destination 2019. Look up EMBLA FOOD AWARDS for more.

On another day, I went for a walk near the village of Gjógv, which is hauntingly beautiful and rugged. I also met a lama and a goose who have become best friends on a tiny island in the North Atlantic. You find fairy-tale material in the most unexpected places!


Tórshavn features many wonderful eateries, offering international menus as well as fascinating local delicacies. I ordered dried lamb, ram and sheep. My taste buds said: Bad, worse, worst – ha-ha! Don’t forget to visit Steinprent in Tórshavn. The graphic workshop above the gallery literally exudes creativity. I bought the pieces on the board.




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