Silk Scarves

I have a weakness for colourful luxury scarves, especially those made from silk or fine wool. As a child, I would often sneak into my parents’ bedroom and take a look inside my mother’s chest of drawers. The third drawer contained a small treasure trove of silk scarves, all neatly folded. My mother kept a bag of lavender potpourri in the drawer, which added a scent of something exclusive, feminine and exciting. I would wrap myself in her scarves, pose at myself in the mirror and feel very sophisticated and even decadent (although I didn’t know the word at the time). Eventually, I would fold the scarves perfectly and replace them in the drawer, and creep quietly as a mouse out of the bedroom.

Lulu Mosquito sells the most beautiful French luxury silk scarves. The motifs are small works of art. I have framed two of them, and they work just as well as wall decorations as they do adorning my neck. Their colours and patterns are wonderful. You can change the look completely depending on how you fold, style or wear them. Not many items of clothing can be varied and used in so many ways as a beautiful scarf.

Like my mother, I have a whole drawer (rather, two or three ;-)) of beautiful luxury scarves that I have bought, been given or have inherited. They are steeped in memories and enjoyable – just like my jewellery. My daughter often likes to borrow them, but times have changed a little. She still puts them back neatly folded, but into her OWN drawer – ha-ha!

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