The Creative Club

Many years ago, I started a creative club with a group of friends. We all work in the creative industry, with the group comprising a graphic artist, a designer, a potter, a textile designer, a journalist, an art director, an interior designer, a florist and a jewellery designer – i.e. right across the creative spectrum. The problem was that we were creative in our work, but rarely had time to play around in a non-commercial way.

At first, we met every month and took it in turns to give each other creative challenges. We’ve tried our hands at almost EVERYTHING – from ambitious art exhibitions to introspective writing processes. Last year, we met way out in the woods, in my little forest house. The task on that occasion was to draw or paint nature, preferably using plant juice, mud etc. in the process. Everyone had to create nine artworks. We allowed ourselves 10 hours before staging our ‘forest-art exhibition’.  

We had fun, laughed and drank lots of wine. The next day, we swapped all the pictures and went home, each with nine beautiful (and very different) small works of art, slightly hung over from white wine, with a strong bonfire smell in our clothes and hair AND big smiles on our faces.



I love getting together with friends for specific purposes or just to play. It doesn’t have to be something creative – it could be sport, hiking, cooking or whatever you’re passionate about. AND it’s always fun to learn something new. Generally, it’s wonderful to set something in motion. If you don’t have your own plan, you can always just become part of someone else’s ;-)

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