Kamalaya, Thailand

On the island of Koh Samui in Thailand lies this most understated and tranquil luxury retreat. It elegantly cascades down the hillside to the white sandy beach, almost hidden by the lush jungle, which bursts forth with all its green growth everywhere. I had booked a full-on fitness week, but also went there to work, find serenity, lose a few pounds and eat healthy and honest vegan food before it was time for Christmas with all its feasting and celebrations. I got ALL that I came for, and more! I went in November, before the rainy season really set in. The weather was warm and lovely (approx. 27°C).

 I have visited many similar retreats in different parts of the world. But there were two things about Kamalaya which I found particularly positive. One was the menus. Kamalaya boasts two charming restaurants serving such a wide range of detox/vegan food that I was able to choose new dishes every day. I was full of anticipation before every meal and managed to taste almost everything. It was all DELICIOUS!

The other thing was the staff. Everyone was incredibly accommodating and flexible. I wanted to train longer and harder than what the programme stipulated, but I didn’t need the mindfulness or dietary lessons. I got everything changed to suit my wishes, and lost fat while gaining muscle. I felt unusually happy and satisfied – and ready for Christmas when I returned home in mid-November. Now Christmas has passed, and I’ve eaten and drunk it all back on – and enjoyed every single calorie, but it’s never a waste to prioritise yourself a little. I would absolutely love to go back.


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