Lulu Mosquito is a modern luxury lifestyle brand. The Lulu Mosquito universe is an exclusive platform for hand-picked luxury and unique products, as well as limited edition productions within the categories of home décor, arts and crafts, gold jewellery, outdoor gear, clothes etc. All the products are hand-picked and carefully selected. Furthermore, Lulu publishes short reviews, recommendations and the best of her home interior tips. The unique style of Lulu Mosquito and her preferences for aesthetics and beauty form a common thread in the Lulu universe.

Lulu Mosquito interior design

With many years of experience within furniture and interior design, Lulu and her passionate interior designers accept assignments all over the world – private homes, restaurants and even offices. We are with you all the way – from initial discussions until the last piece of furniture has been carefully placed in position. Lulu loves styling, and therefore we also help you put the final touches to your interior in the form of accessories and unique details. We solve a multitude of tasks – from choosing colours and updating existing interiors to supplying turnkey solutions where we also fill your cabinets and drawers. A home should reflect the people who live there, and there should be a sense of continuity that reflects the occupants’ personal style.

Environment & animal welfare

Cardboard, paper and packaging constitute one of the biggest climate and environmental issues related to online trading. At Lulu Mosquito, we choose our packaging with care. That’s why you will receive your Lulu products packaged in environmentally friendly materials. We choose recycled materials whenever possible. Generally, Lulu Mosquito saves on packaging – for the sake of the environment. “We hope you still feel that your Lulu package is appealing and inviting to unbox.”

Lulu Mosquito loves animals. ALL animals (with the possible exception of mosquitoes)! It’s true that we sell leather and fur products, but we choose business partners who, like ourselves, care about animal welfare. We are always looking for the best. Skins and fur have a long lifespan, and are very environmentally friendly. They are biodegradable as opposed to fake fur, which is usually based on plastic and is quickly discarded by owners.

The world’s clothing production accounts for 10% of global CO2 emissions. Each piece of clothing negatively impacts the carbon balance – when the fabrics and clothes are being manufactured, and when they are being transported. It is therefore climate-friendly to turn your back on ‘fast fashion’. Lulu Mosquito believes in quality rather than quantity. Classic garments with a twist which can be mixed, matched and styled to your liking. Buy items that suit you and which match your personal style.