About Lulu Mosquito

Lulu’s repertoire is limitless. We don’t decorate in one particular way, and we don’t like to be pigeon-holed. Basically, we master each and every style. 
To us, it makes no sense to apply the New Nordic decorating style to an old Finca in Spain, just as it doesn’t make sense to pursue a funky Miami 80s style in a 16th-century castle. Each interior design project has its own life and solution. Nevertheless, every task that Lulu solves has a Lulu signature of some kind. We call it ‘Lulufying’ a project or a space.


Lulu loves décor; beautiful, harmonious and exciting spaces! Our starting point is the client’s style and taste, while always respecting the project’s architecture and history. We work with the aesthetic look, and strive for an overall harmonious result. Our primary focus is always to create coherence in the interior design, regardless of the style.

Lulu Mosquito collaborates with over 100 different brands. We have an excellent relationship with our suppliers and can therefore meet almost any demand. We are never limited by choice, and never compromise on the best solution. We hope you’ll sense the versatility and strength of Lulu Mosquito as you browse through the web site. We also hope that you notice the Lulu touch in each project and recognise our Lulufication.

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