Comfortable minimalism with a sea view

An exercise in minimalist simplicity, this family home enjoys splendid views of the bay waters outside while also having woodland right on its doorstep.
Reflecting this enviable position, Lulu Mosquito looked to nature’s palette when seeking inspiration for the interior.

Overall design strategy

The overall design strategy was to break up the large, white surfaces by applying subtle colours to selected feature walls. Wallpapers and curtains were brought in to create tactile variety, adding an atmosphere of warmth.

A striking lamp from Bocci, evocative of a school of jellyfish, is the first thing you see when you enter the house. Echoing the view of the sea beyond the windows, the light fixture helps strike the base note for the entire house while its organic shapes break up and soften the clean, stark lines of the architecture. The large, comfortable sofa from Molteni has been arranged to face in two directions: one side lets you enjoy the magnificent view, while the other makes for a distraction-free viewing experience when watching TV.

On the lower floor, the large space needed to be subdivided to create a separate gym area. The ingenious solution was a custom-built low room divider that also provides storage space, all of it covered in leather for a sumptuous feel. Continuing the theme, the existing cabinet doors in the bedroom were also covered in leather for an exclusive and cohesive look. In the ten-metre corridor, a striped runner in evenly matched black and white stripes introduces graphic interest and accentuates the perspective – an eye-catching detail with great impact.

Works of art make the home feel personal without disrupting the overall sense of calm – an effect achieved through well-considered decisions about the placement of all elements inside the home. Balancing the striking with the subtle, contrast with flow, the large rooms exude a comfortable air of serenity. Here, outside and inside are allowed to blend seamlessly.

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