Kirk Suites interior design

Miami Art Deco interior design meets Nordic minimalism – Lulu Mosquito designed the interiors in the new apartment hotel Kirk Suites on the waterfront in Vejle.

Afspil video

Artistic wallpaper designs inspired by Art Deco’s colourful surfaces and graphic motifs set the scene. Mirrors enhance the sense of space and reflect the light from the waterfront. Round shapes and curved furniture offer hotel guests a playfully soft and comfortable experience.

Miami Art Deco is a popular style known for its playful take on traditional Art Deco. Colour-saturated pastels and playful graphic patterns blend with the classic Art Deco shapes.

Combining the bold, light Miami Art Deco style and its minimalist Nordic counterpart creates a warm, welcoming, positive and relaxing ambience. In short, it makes you feel happy and at home.

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