La Cima

This large and spacious finca in Spain is no exception. The property is bright with a spectacular view of the nearby village and harbour from every room. Lulu renovated and furnished the house for rental to an international clientele. Practical materials such as polished concrete, sofas with washable upholstery and various rustic surfaces give the interior a raw and minimalistic look. The small oases with still lifes and green plants create a cosy ambience.

Rental house in Spain

When decorating a rental home, it is necessary to strike the right balance between creating a cosy and inviting home while not making it too personal. Naturally, the owner should feel at home, but prospective tenants may often be looking for a more minimalistic and simpler look. Also, most people don’t like the feeling of intruding in another person’s space. 

Cosmopolitan and relaxed interior design

The colours are bright and contrasting: Black, white, dark wood and natural hues create a sense of luxury with a clean, calm feel. A few antiques adorn the rooms, adding a personal touch. The style is international and relaxed, which is important for a holiday home.

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