Personal luxury flat

This beautiful newly built apartment is located in the middle of Copenhagen with a view of the Øresund. New construction is often without personality and warmth. So in this project Lulu Mosquito played with the surfaces, textures and colors to create a more personal and inviting home.

Personal luxury flat

We worked with leather walls, smoked oak and cool muted blue and green shades to match the ocean and sky that dominate the views. We used hand-painted reed wallpaper to create a cosy atmosphere. High-pile carpets and multi-layer curtains to dampen sound and lend warmth to the rooms. The design idiom of the furniture is simple, modern and classic, infused with arty elements, such as the beautiful Knot pouffe, which also provides a sculptural element.

Sørensen Leather

Lulu works closely with Sørensen Leather. We use luxurious material for the obvious items such as furniture, but we also use leather for kitchen fronts, cupboards and as sound-absorbing walls in, for example, large rooms and home cinemas 

Leather is one of nature’s most luxurious gifts. It exudes exclusivity and can transform any object or environment into something exceptional. Unlike a material that’s mass produced, each piece of leather is one of a kind.

Sørensen Leather is an eco-conscious, global brand with some of most high-end, sought-after sustainable leather in the world. They continuously work with new concepts and are the exclusive source of leather for iconic designs found in museums, galleries and private collections around the globe. Armed with over 45 years of expertise, our passion is to encourage people to explore the creative possibilities of leather beyond the typical or traditional. Leather, by definition, is a sustainable material. All their leather is genuine, durable and a by-product from nature. By upcycling raw hides into high quality leather, they minimise waste – which helps protect the planet and the people who inhabit it.

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