Think Big by Lulu Mosquito and SPEKVA

The Think Big series is a collaboration between SPEKVA and Lulu Mosquito. Lulu’s team designed the series while SPEKVA’s skilled cabinetmakers carry out the production. The series comprises a total of six large utilitarian objects for the home, carefully crafted from wood to grace the kitchen and the table. As the name of the series indicates, it is all about size: Think Big!

High-end interior design meets Danish craftmanship at its best

We have created a series of objects of such generous scale that they can be said to bridge the gap between décor and furniture. Their ample size allows plenty of scope for enjoying the structure and grain of the wood as well as the beautiful handmade joints which are a hallmark of SPEKVA’s work – their cabinetmakers are true masters of their craft. What is more, these products meet a specific need we often come across in our work as interior designers. Many of the products available on the market today are, quite simply, too small. When you work with reception desks, refectory tables, large conference tables or kitchen islands, you need large bowls and dishes to properly reflect the proportions of the room and maintain its harmony. You need to think big!’

Our inspiration came from nature and the idea of good, honest craftsmanship. Lulu’s office is in the middle of the forest. We are surrounded by old trees which we enjoy on daily walks. There is a special grandeur to the place, a primordial air in this slice of Danish woodland where the tall trunks are like pillars in great halls. When we visited SPEKVA for the first time, the aspects that struck me the most were the pervasive scent of wood and the sight of skilled carpenters using their hands, tools and machines to create beautiful products. There is something alluring about good, old-fashioned craftsmanship – an enduring value. The combination of these two places, the forest and the workshop, made us think of ancient royal halls, long tables, something original and eternal. Out of these ideas grew the Think Big products.

The design itself is simple, pared-back and full of graphic impact. The crisp outer edges create a striking contrast with the inner round shapes. And the contrast is continued by offsetting the natural dark hues of wenge wood with light oak. The simple, uncluttered lines let the structure of the wood stand out clearly, inviting users to savour its subtle beauty.

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