Inspiration in Milan

When traveling the world to find interior design inspiration, we always find ourselves headed to Milan at some point of the year. This place is a mekka for interior enthusiasts and home decorators worldwide.

Close to all of Baxter’s furniture is on Lulu’s wish list.

Beautifull staircase at the Excelsior hotel Gallia Milan

The Katara Royal Suite at the Excelsior hotel Gallia Milan.
The Katara Royal Suite at the Excelsior hotel Gallia Milan.

Lulu visited Dada Kitchens at Molteni & C. Beautiful, innovative and luxurious kitchens – very inspiring. 

Their wooden furniture production in particular is quite unique at the Cassina factory

We visited Cassina factories, where we were able to see their new products as well as their upholstery production and wood production. It was a special experience seeing craftmanship of such quality, and suddenly I wished – once again – that I owned all the Cassina classics. 

Wonderfull showroom at Poltrona Frau.

Molteni Showroom Milano

Molteni Showroom in Milano.

We stayed at the cool and cozy Hotel Viu Milano which has had its interior designed by Molteni&C.

The Bathroom of Antolini Showroom i Milan.

Antolini, based in Verona, Italy, is the world leader in the natural stone production and at the absolute forefront of the industry. The company, founded by Luigi Antolini in 1956 and active today on a global scale, offers a wide selection of materials known for their exotic colors, finishes and patterns.

Foyeen i Hotel Viu Milan

To experience at its best Giancarlo Morelli’s fine art of cooking, right where magic happens, it’s possible to eat at the chef’s table, placed inside the beautiful kitchen designed by Giancarlo himself following the pace of the menu.



Beautiful rugs in Tai Ping’s store in Milan.

Plot modular room dividers designed by GamFratesi and produced by Poltrona Frau, the Plot room dividers have a simple design that embellishes the home in addition to creating separate spaces and guaranteeing greater privacy.

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