Modern farmhouse

This 20-century farmhouse had plenty of potential and character, but was in need of modernisation. The brief was to respect the characterful details still found in the house while updating it to present-day standards in an original and simple design. To achieve this, we created a personal and stylish aesthetic by combining a carefully curated range of materials – all while giving house a more contemporary twist. The result is a calm, inviting refuge. A great example of how a traditional farmhouse can be transformed into a modern home that still incorporates elements of the past, demonstrating respect for period detail while introducing bold, contemporary style.

Bringing a farmhouse into the 21st century

The house was originally divided into many small rooms, which limited its potential. By knocking down walls wherever possible, a bright, airy living space of generous proportions was created. The change also made it possible to relocate the kitchen to provide direct access to the conservatory and garden. Function is a key part of any interior design, and renovations such as this are an ideal opportunity for rethinking the location of individual rooms and functions. Might they actually work better somewhere else?

Leather surfaces in shades of green have been introduced in several places around the house. Sticking to the theme, leather is also a recurring element on cabinet and door handles. Textiles in a variety of textures and colours have been used for curtains and as room dividers – adding great tactile interest

Décor-wise, Lulu Mosquito chose black-burnished iron for several pieces around this home, creating a stringently graphic look with an industrial, masculine feel. Doors and wooden trims have been painted to match the walls, which were done in a palette of grey. This creates a more harmonious, balanced look than the oft-seen white wood trim. The kitchen has its very own colour: a green ochre that goes marvellously with the oak and the blackened iron. Choosing a distinctive colour always lends character and edge to a room.

The consistent use of a restricted range of materials has made the rooms fit together beautifully. Such restraint helps to seamlessly connect the stylish mix of pieces by leading furniture designers – and lets the modern art shine.

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