Nature & Decor

Seashells and stones have always been fascinating. Their organic shapes are so different compared to things found on land. Each little shell is a piece of art and we find them useful in décor. 

The graphic patterns in the shells are beautiful and delicate. Place them in a row and let their form and graphics dominate.

Beautiful in all its simplicity. A small set-up that delights the eye.

There’s something special about ordinary little stones, like the ones you would find on the beach, in your garden or beside the road. Each and every one is unique and characterful. 

Stone is also a great material for making decorative walls, room separation, shelving and more. In this interior design project Lulu Mosquito uses many different types of stone to create a raw but cozy atmosphere.

Give your stones a completely personal touch by winding string around them, pouring liquid over them, braiding them in bast fibre or something else entirely. 

When you style stones and seashells  in your home, they become small works of art that can remind you of a memorable experience or a nice place you have visited.

Large petrified wood stumps – used as stools in a bathroom environment. 

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