Nordic luxury villa

This luxury single family house was designed and built in a collaboration between Lulu Mosquito and Ravn Arkitektur.
The house is made from Nordic materials and exudes understated luxury. Raw, honest materials such as slate, granite and concrete intermix with warm materials such as oak, smoked oak and tombac. The property is located on the water’s edge and has large, south-facing window gables.

New Nordic housing style

The Nordic style is known for its minimalist and natural look. The style is very popular in the Nordic region, but has also spread to many other countries. New Nordic is about bringing the Nordic mentality as well as nature into your home. Natural elements, wood, lighting, muted natural colours and designer furniture are the main elements of the style.

Lulu was in charge of furniture, colours, materials, art as well as the interior design. The style is simple and calm, yet very intimate and cosy. The many small plateaus feature decorative elements gathered from all over the world. The colours are natural and subdued. The interplay between the materials and textures adds a frisson of excitement to the interior.

More than ever before, our homes have become the centre of our lives, personal development and our identities. The ambience of the Nordic style is soft and warm, with shades of beige and sand as the new white mingling with light shades of brown, terracotta, yellow, green and grey.

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