Outdoor spaces

Lulu Mosquito are not landscape gardeners, but our innate understanding of space, harmony and aesthetics often enables us to help our customers to design and decorate terraces, the spaces around their houses, an atrium, an entrance or the like. We work with pots, plants, colours, furniture, structure and lighting, and we create natural extensions and a sense of cohesion between the interior and exterior environments including the garden etc.

From ordinary garden to leisure paradise

The garden is a home’s exterior space. It can be a living space, a workspace, a space for relaxation and contemplation, a sensory space, a free space, a backdrop for bathing and wellness or something else entirely. Lulu Mosquito works in close collaboration with landscape gardeners and welcomes projects that involve creating a garden space specifically suited to your home and needs.

For this house, Lulu Mosquito created an amazing outdoor environment together with Ravn Arkitektur and Junckerhaven landscape gardeners, transforming the relatively ordinary garden into a leisure paradise. 

The family wanted a water surface that would mirror the sky and provide beautiful light inside the house throughout the year. The result was a beautiful, large swimming pond.

Swimming ponds – or natural swimming pools – are intended for swimming, bathing and playing, and the enjoyment can easily be extended to include winter bathing and ice skating during the winter months. A swimming pond contains clear and clean fresh water purified 100% biologically using microorganisms without any chlorine disinfection. A swimming pond incorporates both the beautiful look of the garden pond with aquatic plants and fresh water, and all the practical features of the swimming pool.

Nordic-style green garden

For this project, Lulu Mosquito was commissioned to design the entire garden, from the construction of a bathing lake and planting the garden to constructing and designing the terraces as well as the furniture. Naturally, we worked in close collaboration with both the customer, gardeners and architects to compose a warm and inviting outdoor environment that naturally matches the raw Nordic style of the house.

The garden and all the garden furniture are in shades of green and grey as well as natural colours, creating a sense of coherence and tranquillity. The property is located close to the sea, and we therefore worked with teak, beach pebbles, lyme grass and other grasses that might naturally have grown in the area.


Since its beginnings in 1966 Kettal has had an international calling to design and innovation. Kettal makes timeless and cool outdoor furniture.  As loyal to its philosophy of respect for the environment Kettal uses eco-friendly paint. Almost all of Kettal’s furniture paints are now 100% ecological and recyclable and the wood used is protected under Perhutani certification. Lulu Mosquito is a big fan of Kettal and we have use their large and varied furniture range in many different interiors. Contact Lulu Mosquito if you want to know more about how to use Kettal furniture decorating your garden or terrace.

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