Paris & Decor

A lot of our interior design inspiration and new products come from visiting fairs all over Europe and one of our favourite has always been the Maison&Objet fair in Paris. 

12HRS are stylish portable battery lamps for the quality-conscious consumer and will enrich any area with a sense of the famous Danish “hygge”. The light shines through a marble block at the top of the lamp, giving off a dimmed atmosphere. Easily and quickly recharged. Beautifull indoor or outdoor.

This large vase made of porcelain has an irregular shape. The beautiful blending colours characterize the Misty. The waterproof Raku porcelain vase brings joy to any room and can be used for multiple purposes. Because of the handicraft and typical ceramics technique each piece is unique.


Powder-coated soothing modern shades, and finished with a unique texture. Each vase is handmade from sturdy iron, with a surprisingly soft look. Matte powder coated iron with sanded surface
For decorative use only. 

The mix between the fragile porcelain and the raw straw gives a beautiful and ethnic look. Each piece is unique in both the porcelain and weaving.
Nicely displayed in a dome of oak and glass.

Graphic serving bowls and plates. Almost every part is handmade and unique. Clear design, sustainably produced – with character and personality. Beautiful both as decoration and for serving. Perfect for our Lulu-shop where you can find them.

Ovo sculptures are handcrafted products. The sculptures are unique and different since they have been created in limited quantities. This makes each piece unique and of high value both as a work of art and as a functional piece of art. The OVO one of a kind sculpture gives an edge to your home decor. Beautiful with a flower arrangement but also as a stand-alone object.

Naturally, Lulu ate at the Loulou Restaurant, located near the Louvre, with views of the Eiffel Tower. 

The wine list and ambiance are excellent, and visiting our name-cousin was the perfect way to end the trip. 

The beautiful ceiling in Lafayette is a must – we always enjoy it with a glass of champagne.

Lulu Mosquito loves Paris and Decor!


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