Private Night Clubs

Home theaters and elaborate bars have become common in luxury homes. But the in-home nightclub takes the concept of entertaining at home a step further created the ‘ultimate adult playroom’. It is gotten easier to design such spaces with top-notch audio and video elements because of a recent boom in customizable products. Lulu Mosquito has had the honour of furnishing and decorating two very different private nightclubs.

Private night club, arty luxury villa

The night club in this luxury villa is inspired by the owner’s great passion for art and sci-fi. The background for the tombac and smoked oak long bar is a light art work by Peter Bonde, depicting a sequence from an interview with Orson Wells in which he talks about the Planet of the Apes. The 500 kg large bronze cocoons by Christian Lemmerz are reminiscent of the Alien franchise. The cocoons were made specifically for this room, which in turn was constructed to support their weight. The large glass display case with lights separates the dance floor, bar and seating area, and contains some of the owner’s sci-fi artefacts. The long, striped, counter-height Corian table was custom-designed for the room by Lulu Mosquito.

Private night club, Villa Canada

The private nightclub in the basement of the exclusive Villa Canada is inspired by a classic British gentleman’s club. It boasts a bar, plush sofas and darts if you are looking for a pub-like evening, but it also has a large screen, strobe lights and everything you would expect to find in a modern disco if you want to party. The colours are classic greens with dark luxury wood wall panelling, beautiful porcelain sculptures from Lladro, wall mirrors and heavy velvet curtains. The atmosphere is masculine, classic, dark, stylish and luxurious. Any gown or glittery cocktail dress will fit into this universe.

Lulu Mosuito handled all stages of the project, including collaboration with the architect, choosing the materials, the interior design, styling and, not least, the collaboration with the various artists who contributed to the nightclub. The rust-coloured stone floor, the dark metal tombac walls and the underground location remove the perception of time and place. You could be on a spaceship or elsewhere in the universe, which is exactly the feeling that the owner wanted to evoke. However, the room still had to appear inviting and aesthetic.

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