Valhalla in the woods

Deep in the woods lies a big house. It’s a recently constructed Nordic house which is slightly reminiscent of Valhalla, in Norse mythology the enormous hall in Asgard which was ruled over by the god Odin. It has wooden shingles on the roof and massive beams supporting the 17-metre high building, like guy lines on a tent. In fact, it was the idea of a tent that inspired the design of the building.

Sleeping cabins

The Forester’s Hall is the property’s banqueting hall. The materials are raw and natural. The old, reused bricks were originally fired from the clayey soil on which the house is built. In earlier times, there was also a brickworks on the site. The raw, pale wooden walls and ceiling tie in naturally with the surrounding forest outside, with the black cast iron and bright green colours lending contrast. The heavy wool curtains are from Kvadrat, and the large kitchen, which also doubles as a bar, is from Kvanum. Overall, the location is practical, functional, raw and at the same time very inviting. It exudes understated luxury. Lulu was involved throughout the process, from the first pen strokes together with the architect to making the final touches to the furnishings and styling. We worked closely with both the client and architect.

Sleeping cabins

As always, everything must reach a higher unity when Lulu decorates – function, style and the room itself. This building was to be used for guest rooms in a large forest estate and the guest rooms are decorated like small forest huts. Camp-life and Glamping have been the source of inspiration and the interior design have been based on how to combine function, space and style. The sleeping cabins are minimally decorated in natural and warm materials – such as wood and brick to provide a warm, cozy and very authentic atmosphere. On the 1st floor above the cabins, there is a dormitory that is reminiscent of scout life and camp school. This hall is only used for the children.

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