Valhalla in the woods

Deep in the woods lies a big house. It’s a recently constructed Nordic house which is slightly reminiscent of Valhalla, in Norse mythology the enormous hall in Asgard which was ruled over by the god Odin. It has wooden shingles on the roof and massive beams supporting the 17-metre high building, like guy lines on a tent. In fact, it was the idea of a tent that inspired the design of the building.

The great hall ”Skovriddersal” with its bar and kitchen is furnished with simple, practical and rustic furniture. Together with the natural materials such as wood and brick, the room exudes homely coziness despite the size of the room. 
The personal photos on the wall are printed on wood. Curtains are wool from Kvadrat. The simple and practical iron tables are from Kettal. The overall expression is personal and cozy understated luxury.

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